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Spark of Art

Welcome to my art blog! My pen name is Sparks, and I'll be posting my original work, my fan art, and any other creative projects I come up with along the way!

Also, feel free to make requests, you never know, I might be interested! Additionally, I am available for commissions if you have more involved ideas!

WOOOO Holy Cow I went through a lot trying to upload this
(She’s a warrior with this cool little poncho/scarf thing )Please enjoy!
Sailor Moon! I’m enjoying the reboot!
I just really like witches!
Prison Buggy is my favorite Buggy
A little Doflamingo to brighten your day!
Zoro, palette 4!
still working on the others
In honor of Draw Your Cat In A Dress Day!
I once tried to put Kasha in a beautiful collar and she unleashed death and destruction on us all, so she certainly wouldn’t be happy about a dress XD
Cyborg Franky and Nico Robin are too cute with their mature friendship thing they’ve got going on, so it’s hard NOT to ship Frobin XD
(This weeks art exercise, i know it’s a little late!)