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Spark of Art

Welcome to my art blog! My pen name is Sparks, and I'll be posting my original work, my fan art, and any other creative projects I come up with along the way!

Also, feel free to make requests, you never know, I might be interested! Additionally, I am available for commissions if you have more involved ideas!

Lil Fish-eyed Midousuji, I like to think that “Gross” became his catch phrase because he probably got called gross a lot growing up
I’ve been SWAMPED with my classes lately and I’m finally wrapping things up, so to celebrate, here’s my werewolf-sona!
Lars and Sadie, OTP alert!
This is my Octopus inspired dancer, really happy with how he turned out!
So I’m in love with Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems and decided if i were a crystal gem, i’d be an opal
The opal is the stone of inspiration and creativity
And my opals are located in the tops of my feet, and I fight using a lot of leg power!
When Lars isn’t being a butt, he totally snarks good-naturedly and gossips with Sadie like an old married couple and no one can tell me any differently
Working on different body shapes! Pretty happy with it, she’s adorable and her frame makes sense (i was afraid i’d screw it up and not make it look like a functioning body)

I love the Kevedd ship, they are the ship I ship in all the fluffiest possible ways, like hand-holding, awkward, middle school dance fluff
really wanted to practice smoke, I think it turned out well!
So I’ve been working very hard on my story about Sid  the Vampire, and his story is actually very pitiful, as he’s been in a research/observation lab since before he stopped aging (he’s always wearing some sort of hospital gown/scrubs)
Loup is a special werewolf given to Sid after it was determined Sid’s will to live/communicate was dangerously low and affecting his ability to heal. Loup has been his companion ever since.
My Story is mostly about Sid as an adult, but I thought it’d be nice to glimpse young Sid too